Monday, 8 February 2010

Airport Twinning

Apologies for the long gap between posts - roles may change (see below), but life doesn't get any easier.

Town Twinning has been around for a while but I was present at an event yesterday which could be described as Airport Twinning, although Anti-Airport twinning would be more accurate.

Residents of Hasty Lane, threatened with demolition to make way for a hanger, linked up by webcam with residents of Sipson, the village threatened with obliteration if the Heathrow third runway ever goes ahead. The picture shows representatives of the 2 campaigns cutting a ceremonial ribbon.

This was part of a well-attended event, which also included a tour of the immediate area (including a bio-diverse pond) which will all be destroyed if the Airport get their way (see here), and an Adoption ceremony.

This last exercise was an extension of something which has already been done at Sipson, whereby activists 'adopt' an affected resident and thereby pledge their support for the campaign. There were enough people there to give each resident (7 currently threatened with eviction I believe) a team of about 10 adopters.

Among those attending were several guests from Sipson and leading anti-airport campaigner John Stewart (pictured with Manchester Central and Hulme candidate Gayle O'Donovan and a guest from Sipson). The event was well covered in the local media including BBC regional news.

Role Change? I have recently relinquished the post of Chair of Manchester Green Party after 4 years, only to exchange it for the role of MGP Treasurer. I'm still deciding what to do with the blog - abandon it, keep it as it is, push it in a different direction. I won't replace it with a Treasurer's blog and regale you with tales of Bank mandate forms and Paypal accounts.

I am also gearing up for dual election candidacy, for Withington constituency in the general election and Chorlton ward in the local council elections - see Chorlton Greens blogspotThese roles should make for more blogging potential as the elections approach.

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