Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Post Euro-election Quiz

Sorry no prizes, just checking whether or not you’ve picked up the facts, and not just the superficial media coverage. All questions relate to the 2009 Euro-elections just gone unless otherwise stated.

1. Which one of the following parties increased its number of votes nationally (as well as its %age) compared with the previous 2004 Euro-election?
b) Conservatives
c) Green

2. Which out of the following parties scored the highest number of votes in the City of Manchester
a) Conservatives
c) Green

3. In which City did the Green Party outpoll all other Parties?
a) Norwich
b) Brighton
c) Both of the above

4. Which out of the following Parties gained the most votes across the South East, Britain’s largest region?
a) Labour
b) BNP
c) Green

5. The Lib Dems gained a seat compared to 2004 – by how much did their vote increase since 2004 in percentage terms?
a) 2%,
b) 1%
c) It didn’t, it actually went down.

6. County Council Elections 2009: The BNP won 3 seats nationally, how many did the Green Party win in Norfolk alone?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 7
Supplementary question - which of these 2 results got most coverage in the media?

Answers next week


Trafford Green Party said...

Excellent post - and very positive.

mancunian green said...

Thank you Trafford - did you get them all right? Here's another for you:
Which of the following British MEPs will join the largest group in the European Parliament?
a) The Tories
c) the BNP
d) The Green Party
(clue: the answer isn't c) this time).
I could also of course ask Which NW borough apart from Lancaster, manchester and Liverpool recorded a 10%+ Green vote?